Various Trends of Natural updo hairstyles for short hair

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Short hair can be styled with updo. So, you can be more beautiful with the updos for your short hair. It is pretty simple and it can last for weeks, if it is possible. Let’s take a look at this one of natural updo hairstyles for short hair: Peek-A-Boo Patsy. To have this style, use rollers or curling iron to create some curls for your hair. Then, use fingers to comb your hair after you apply serum into your finger tip. Your loose Mohawk should be smoothen on both sides and pin it. Finish this hairstyle for short hair with updo with light finishing spray.

Natural Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Back to the Past

Natural updo hairstyle for short hair can bring you back to 1940s. Make 3 vertical sections of your hair. Then, smooth your middle portion from nape to forehead. Smooth also the both sides into flat that lay in the middle before you create a roll. And finish your updo hairstyling for natural short hair with holding spray with firm touches. The good news is this updo hairstyle for natural short hair is suitable for every face shape and hair type. To keep the style, use pins for your hair before it is completely dry. And soon you will have a flawless look.

Combine your Updo with Bun, Braid, and Mohawk

You can also combine bun and braid to create a natural updo hairstyle for short hair. You will have a retro and sexy look. By having this hairstyle, you are ready for date, proms, parties, and other night activities. The manipulation is simple and easy that bring you wonderful look. So, try this mesmerizing hairstyle for short hair with updo for your date.

Adding Mohawk into your natural updo hairstyle for short hair is a good idea. You will need to create 2 horizontal sections with larger top half. Then, each section should be smoothened into two ponytails. Create bangs with clip or glue. Make sure that the bang is flowing toward your face. Create also a vertical Mohawk, use pin, glue, or clip and roll it into place. Hold lightly using hairspray. Make sure that the areas are completely covered by the spray.

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