Three Ways to Create Red Accent: Tips for White Wedding Dresses with Red Accents

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The common weddings color that people in general know is the white. The white is more likely telling you that the wedding is like the blank piece of paper or the representation of the new sheet of life through marriage. But doesn’t it too boring if we keep using one and only white color for a wedding ceremony? Well, add one or some color options on it would be allowed anyway. That is why we are here to tell you tips about how to create the red accents for white wedding dresses with red accents.

White Wedding Dresses With Red Accents

Things you can use to create accent and make non-white wedding dress

Of course we ain’t talk about the main design about white wedding dresses with red accents gown here. We talk about some accessories or embellishment that you can use to create the red accent about this white and plain dress. The first one out of three stuff you can use is the head accessories. You can wear the red headband or veil to create the daring red emphasizing.

The second stuff out of three accessories you can use as white wedding dresses with red accents is the one in your waist. Many modern wedding gown has its belts or waistband as its garnishment. Use this one to bring the red accentuation into the white gown and lead the crowd’s attentions.

The third stuff out of three you can use in your white wedding dresses with red accents is the weft and laces. You can also use the weft and make a knot of it around your body to bring that red color to shine. Or if you want to exclusive touch, ask your wedding dresser to create the flaming red laces on the Lowes of your gown.

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