The Halo Bun Braided hair: A Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair in Wedding Day

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Finding one natural hairstyles for short hair for a special occasion like the wedding will just be a slippery task to do apart of those preparation thou need to manage in your wedding preparation. If you have the short hair, then the task has its option to lead you look gorgeous away from that tomboy manner you have (it is a wedding day anyway, the bride should be the most beautiful woman in the spot). Well, if you have such situation, the first thing we would like to tell you is: do not freak out. We got you backup. We have one good hairstyling for yak here that we call: the Halo bun.

Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

The Cute natural hairstyles for short hairstyle

We ain’t talk about putting the fake chignon there somewhere in your head. This natural hairstyles for short hair is the way more to create the bun and some round braided hair to lock it up to create mountainous hair definition for you. The things you need is the headband, hair butter and the hair conditioner.

The first phase to do to get this natural hairstyles for short hair we call halo bun is doing some natural hair care with those conditioner, hair butter, and little hairspray. Then you can proceed to twist it up and left it just like that in some hours

The next phase for this natural hairstyles for short hair is to make the ponytail or bun and gather them up. Use the headband to lock them up there. Left some hairs to flow here and create the braid. Or if your hair is not long enough for it, just finish it up using the hair pin to make the texture. Ciao!

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