The American Flag Pattern as Red White and Blue Wedding Dresses

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There is such rule that the Country’s ornaments are prohibited to be used in a humiliation way such as using the emblem of the country for a crime display or using National flags as the sleeping pad. Indeed those manners are bad and not allowed to happen. But how about using the flag for a special occasion? Is it also prohibited? Well, someone from the higher ups should be the one who need to answer it since there is this red white and blue wedding dresses with the pattern of the American flag. Yes, it is American flag wedding dresses!

Red White And Blue Wedding Dresses

The Dissimilarity of Meaning in USA flag in wedding dresses

There are three basic colors use in USA flag, they are blue, res (the stripes), and the white (stars). Those three colors represent different philosophies on it. However, according to our friend who works as the psychological experts, those three colors used in red white and blue wedding dresses have different meaning than the original one.

The meaning of the red color in this red white and blue wedding dresses is not picturing the meaning of the velour or the bravery of American, but as for wedding time, it more likely to represent the affection of the brides, the meaning of hardiness of the red color of USA flag also ain’t depicted there and in the other hand, it is replaced by the meaning of ardour. Meanwhile the blue color there in the flag that some people always said to show the justice and vigilance turn out to be a wisdom of the marriage or a harmony.

The last color white of the USA flag which always be avowed as the innocence, comes into a twist to represent perfection in the wedding gown. This USA flag red white and blue wedding dresses is indeed a unique model of the wedding gown with inspirational pattern. This is totally perfect to be called 4th of July wedding dresses.

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