Simple Wedding Dresses For plus Size

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Do you want to wear a simple dress on your wedding day? One model for a simple wedding dress is kebaya. Choosing a wedding kebaya for obese people is not easy. If you carelessly, then your appearance at th esacred day could beat stake. However, this does not mean that obese people can not look beautiful on the happy day. Well, that obese women do not get confused while choosing kebaya, the following are some tips in choosing a kebaya, the simple wedding dresses for plus size.

Simple Wedding Dresses For Plus Size

How to choose kebaya

Who says fat people can not look beautiful on her wedding day? For those of you,who are overweight, choose kebaya that is smooth or rough. Smooth kebaya is certainly can be attached directly to the skin so that you can look slimmer on the wedding day. In choosing simple wedding dresses for plus size, avoid selecting thick kebaya as this will give the effect of fat on your body.

Choose the simple wedding dresses for plus size with color that tends to be soft so your body fat can be covered, for example,tops in colors of gold, and subordinate in brown color. In modern times, there are a lot of brides that are choosing the color contrast between subordinates and tops on her dress. Perhaps, it is not a problem if the bride has a slim or ideal body. However, this color contrast will be very problematic in women who are obese because it will make them increasingly uncomfortable in view of the eye.

In addition, there are other things you should consider when choosing the simple wedding dresses for plus size. You can choose the tops with a small motif because the small motif can cover your excess weight. Never choose a large motif on both tops and subordinates, because it will make you fatter and noun sightly.

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