Short Hairstyles for Older Women with Glasses based on Its Frame

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Nowadays, eyeglasses are no longer as a tool to see, but it is also used as complementary fashion accessories. Impact, now there are a lot of glasses that have sprung up in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose glasses with color and design according to what you want. However, it would be better if you choose sunglasses with frames that conform to the shape of your face. It will certainly increase your confidence, especially if this is also in accordance with your haircut. This time, the writer will talk about short hairstyles for older women with glasses.

Short Hairstyles For Older Women With Glasses

Wide-framed glasses

If you are a user of a wide-framed glasses then the short hairstyles for older women with glasses that suits you is a short hairstyle with bangs textured. If you wear glasses in wide frame, chances are you also have a wide face. Therefore, avoid hairstyles that will add volume on the side. This will make your face look even wider when combined with the wide-framed glasses.

Small frame

Next are short hairstyles for older women with glasses with a small frame. For people who wear glasses with a small frame, you will look attractive with short hair wavy. This style is suitable for those who have a petite body with a narrow or small faces.

How to choose?

How should you do to have short hairstyles for older women with glasses that fit your glasses frame? Thing you have to do is wear your glasses to the salon. By doing so, the hairdresser can suggest what hair style that suits your eyeglass frames. Eyeglass wearers have to choose a hairstyle that makes the match with facial hair. Women with short hair should choose bold eyeglass frames to match the appearance of your hair. Yes, short hairstyle is the most suitable hairstyle to show off your eyeglass frames.

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