Short Hairstyle for Little Girls Curly Hair: The Baubles and Braids

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Do you have any girl in your house who loves to wear makeup or want to have interesting look? When you have such girl, I think the best way for introducing them in their world of beauty is teaching them about natural beautifying. Here, one of the natural beautifying that I will teach is the beautifying through short hairstyle for little girls curly hair. Some people always think that curly hair is bad and useless but in the hand of true artist, the hair will become a great masterpiece.

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls Curly Hair

How to Set the Baubles and Braids Short Hairstyle

Now, I will tell you one of the most interesting short hairstyle for little girls curly hair and that interesting hairstyle is the baubles and braids for curly hair. This hairstyle creates three braids which fall in three directions from the head. It gives a really cut look as there will be joker’s hat effect in the appearance of the girl. For getting this short haircut little girls curly hair, there are some steps which should be followed.

First, the first step of this short hairstyle for little girls curly hair is cutting the curly hair in the chin length. Then, after you get the hair in chin length, you can start by dividing the hair into three bundle of hair which is secured with elastic. In each secured hair, you can start to create the pattern of braid to bring the cuteness of braid in the appearance of the girl.

Then, the last touch of this short hairstyle for little girls curly hair is giving some hairspray for keeping the braid in strong set. The hairspray should not be overwhelming because it will make the hair become stiff and uncomfortable for the girl. This short hairstyle of little girls curly hair is an easy thing to be done and I believe everyone will be easy to learn about this hairstyle.

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