Retro Blonde Short Hairstyles for Older Women

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Do you want to change the appearance of hair styles? You may choose to use hair dye to change your new look today. Hair coloring can sometimes be the choice of a person to change his hairstyle. However, to choose a hair style, you should pay attention to hair dye color that matches the color of your skin. By doing so, the hair will together with color of the skin and look more attractive. For you the older women, blonde hairstyle is a style that you can choose. The following is blonde short hairstyles for older women.

Blonde Short Hairstyles For Older Women
Pixie Blonde

The first alternative is to choose a pixie hair style as blonde short hairstyles for older women. This hairstyle has a short haircut, the cut very neatly. Pieces pixie hair style commonly called close-cropped style. For those of you who have short hair, pixie cuts can be used for formal and non-formal occasions. Do not be afraid to combine bright colors for pixie cuts. You can choose a blonde color for your hair. It is the right choice for you the older women, because its maintenance is very easy.

The Monroe

The second alternative is the Monroe. The Monroe is a hair style that was popularized by Marilynn Monroe. It is a model shoulder-length blond hair, in the style of curly choppy. Monroe hair model is also widely used by artists after Monroe era. There is no harm if you choose this style as your blonde short hairstyles for older women.

Crimped Locks Blonde

The next blonde short hairstyles for older women are creased curly style. Curly wrinkled or called by crimped locks is a wavy hairstyle with a small touch in all parts oft he hair. This model is used to treat thin hair so that people around will be attracted to you. With a touch of blonde color on your hair will make you more attractive.

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