Non Diamond Engagement Rings

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The popularity of non diamond engagement rings is increasing in recent years. There are several reasons why many couples choose this kind of engagement rings, some say want to make it different, some choose because financial reason, and there are many different reasons in picking non diamond engagement rings.

There are numerous of choices to be picked if you like to have non diamond engagement rings. As the center stone, instead of using diamond, you can pick semi precious stones and gemstones. The different colors will make your ring looks elegant and unique. In addition, you can use your stone of your birth month or anniversary with your favorite selected color

However, you should also give extra attention in choosing the gemstones. Just like buying diamonds, you need to find gemstone with great quality. The perfect gemstones are the one with no flaw, inclusions and chips. To help you examine the quality you can use the 4c’s. Take your time with jeweler to ask which gemstones are suitable with your personality and style.

Another option of non diamond engagement rings are moissanite engagement rings. The appearance of this rings resemble diamond rings. However, moissanite rings have a lot cheaper price than diamond rings. Moreover, these rings appear more brilliant and clear than diamonds since they are more refractive.

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