Most Expensive Engagement Ring

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For most of women engagement ring is one of the important thing when they have engage, because they want to make impressive appearance for their engagement. Because the rings as one of the important things for women, so here you can find the most expensive engagement ring for your engagement. Although you don’t want to use the most expensive engagement ring, you may get the new information from this most expensive engagement ring.

Here you will find from the least expensive to the most expensive engagement ring. For the first one you can find the blue sapphire of house of Taylor and the ring consist of 8.28 carats sapphire and 2 carats diamond, the price is $49,500.The next one is carat diamond and ruby consist of 12,48 carat Burmese rubies, and the price is $63,600, but it has stolen in 1995.

Three stones of emerald and diamond ring consist of 6, 84 carat Columbia and 2 carats diamond, the price is $93,600.Yellow diamond ring of rose Simons, it comes with rectangle shape, adorned with two other diamond and surrounding diamonds decoration of 0.35 carats. The price is $99.995. It is more unique with yellow color.

Yellow diamond ring of de beers, consist of 5.11 carat platinum cut ring, and the price is $400,000.Asscher cut diamond of de beers consist of 10.19 carat platinum, and the price is $520,000.Secret kiss of the rose rings of de beers consist of 4.15 carat white diamond and 0.8 carat pin diamond, and the price is $525,000.

Oval diamond ring of house of Taylor consist of 3.9 carats round diamonds, and the price is $1.3 million with flowery design. Oval diamond ring of tiffany consist of 14.79 carat diamonds, and 12.03 carat cushion diamond, the price is $1.46 million and $800. And the most expensive engagement ring is round brilliant platinum of de beers, the price is $1.83 million and this is most perfect ring with the perfect shape and color.

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