Mens Engagement Rings

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Women wear engagement ring to tell others about their status. So there is question, why can’t men do the same thing? Frankly speaking, there is no reason why men can’t do that. In some other countries, it is common sense for men to wear mens engagement rings. Meanwhile, in United States, the trend becomes popular in the North America, where more couples aware of the use of mens engagement rings. Men also want to announce their engaged status to the community.

There are many options of engagement rings, and men can even prefer to choose engagement band which later use as the wedding ring. Men may also pick men diamond solitaire or any kind of unique rings. Then after the wedding day, the engagement ring will be moved to the right finger, and in wedding ring will take its position in the left finger.

To get more masculine taste, you can pick mens engagement rings with gemstones. If you think a large diamond ring would be girly for you, mens engagement bands may be set with small diamond or cubic zirconium. There is also option in wearing Irish Claddagh rings, these rings don’t look like common engagement rings or wedding rings, but serve the same meaning. Furthermore, you can take these other options for you such as; signet rings, tungsten or titanium rings, vintage rings. You can have one of them with or without gemstones.

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