Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces and Fine Hair: Flirty Flip

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Flirty flip is very interesting among those women who love casual hairstyle in their daily haircut. This haircut comes with nice and trendy cut which is really suitable for blonde hair. Blonde hair itself has given a sexy look and with this flirty flip, their beauty and sexiness will be boosted. This haircut is included in medium length curly hairstyles for round faces. So you have to have the round face when you want to have this hairstyle.

Medium Hairstyles For Round Faces And Fine Hair

How to Set Flirty Flip

As these medium length curly hairstyles for round faces are interesting and popular among women who love casual and trendy look, now I will give you the steps for getting these nice medium long curly hairstyles for round faces. The steps are easy and it will not give you so much trouble for matching the place.

To create these medium length curly hairstyles for round faces, you need to cut your hair in the ear length and then, create a bang in the front part. Then, you can apply the product for stiffing your hair and you can choose the product that you usually use. After you apply the product, comb your hair and then dry your bangs using the hair dryer. When you do it, you can support the dryer with brush so you can add more volume in the medium length curly hairstyles for rounded faces.

The last step for these medium length curly hairstyles for round facesis creating the flip of your hair. For making the flip, you can use round brush so you can create a little curl in the end of your hair. This is the best part of your style because you will have flips in your hair. You need to make sure that the flip looks well in your own taste so you will feel confident.

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