Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces 2015: The Blonde Bob

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Setting your hair to the way that makes you beautiful needs a good matching in some occasions. This matching is the matching of criteria that will make your look become beautiful and attractive as it can. Now, there are some important things that I will tell you and it is about medium hairstyles for round faces 2015. It will make you have the latest hairstyles and become up to date with the medium hairstyles of round faces 2015 which has been loved in this past year.

Medium Hairstyles For Round Faces 2015
How to Set Blonde Bob

If you want to make your time get more interesting when you hang out friend or attending an occasion, you need the touch of the blonde bob haircut for your medium hairstyles for round faces 2015. These hairstyles are loved by many people as it gives beautiful and trendy look in casual way. It does not look too exaggerating in creating the style because the beauty that is produced from these 2015 medium hairstyles for round faces is calming.

To acquire these medium hairstyles for round faces 2015, there are some steps that you have to do so you get the right beauty from the blonde bob style. First, you need to cut your hair in medium length which is in the neck length. Then, you can start with smoothing your hair with boar bristle rounded brush in medium size to give beautiful texture in the hair and support the drying process.

When you have dried your hair, you can create curls in the bottom half of the hair or we can say that you roll your hair from the ears part to the end of the hair. You have to do it with 1.5 inches curl iron and it is used for making under roll effect. You have to make sure that the curl is heading to the face and the next is creating the other roll in the upper half part to create winged look in the medium hairstyles for round faces 2015.

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