Medium Hairstyles for Round Face and Thick Hair: Edgy Bob

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If you want to look sexy, the medium hairstyles are commonly the best way to make you be that way. The medium hairstyle for woman always has stronger effect in making sexiness and boldness in the appearance of a woman and the beauty which is served with this haircut is kind of casual and attractive. When you love sexiness and hate troublesomeness in setting hair, this medium hairstyle is your choice. Now, I will talk about one of the greatest medium hairstyle for round face and thick hair.

Medium Hairstyles For Round Faces And Thick Hair
The Edgy Bob Setting

I want to talk about in specific matter which is medium hairstyle for round face and thick hair because this medium hairstyle for rounded face and thick hair is the most common hair which is complained by some people for its hard setting. It is not really hard as it seems actually, and now, I will give you information about the Edgy Bob as one of the most interesting medium hairstyle for that kind of hair and face.

The edgy bob is a medium hairstyle for round face and thick hair which comes for black hair. Made in neck length and it has a crimson color from the colorization for creating more impression in the look. To make this medium hairstyle for thick hair and round face, you can start with smoothing your hair with round brush for. Then, you need to smooth your hair more when it is not enough with iron.

When you have seen that your hair is tidy, you can continue by giving some lying spikes in the hair. As this medium hairstyle for round face and thick hair focuses in shaggy style, the trendy look of spike should be included in it. You can create the spike with your favorite hairstyle product as you know what you need for your hair.

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