Medium Haircuts for Round Faces and Thin Hair: The Vanilla Swirl

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The Vanilla swirl is the sweetest hairstyle that you can have for the medium haircuts for round faces and thin hair. We know that thin hair needs a good organization and application of product so it will not be easily swept by the wind. With the vanilla swirl for your medium haircuts for rounded faces and thin hair, I believe you will get sweet look in your beloved face. Now, it is time to know more about this interesting and appealing hairstyle.

Medium Haircuts For Round Faces And Thin Hair

How to Set the Vanilla Swirl Hairstyle

These medium haircuts for round faces and thin hair are meant for the blonde one because it will gives a good texture and shading over blonde hair. This hairstyle is made with hair which is made in the chick length. In the end of the hair, the amazing curl will hang to add more attraction in your appearance. In the front part, the sweet look of the side bangs makes your beauty grow stronger and livelier.

To start styling with these medium haircuts for round faces and thin hair, what you can do firstly is cleaning your hair and then pulls your hair to one side of your face. You can choose which sides that you want. And then, with large curl iron, you have to curl all part of the hair for creating a beautiful wave in your hair. The bigger curl roll that you have will result into more beautiful and wavier hair for your medium hairstyles for round faces and thin hair.

When you have get the waves for these medium haircuts for round faces and thin hair, now it is time to secure the wave by adding some hairspray in your hair. This hairspray will keep the hair in good condition and make the hair away from messed up condition because of wind and movements.

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