Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

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Marquise diamond engagement rings, ring design is derived from the French, and is said to have a variety of models and shapes. The ring of this type appear in the days when the French kerasaan ruled by King Louis XIV. A jewelry store in the king commanded to make a diamond ring to the shape of the lips or mouth. And now Marquise become a popular ring design and has a high romance.

Currently marquise diamond engagement rings became a symbol of elegance and indicates a cult of love. With the visual look, this stone is a stone that has great beauty. At present, many couples who designed the marquise diamond engagement rings become larger than the actual form. This is the reason many couples make this ring as a gift for her their idol.

If you want it as an engagement ring, the marquise diamond engagement rings have the right ratio with a ratio of 2:1. Length twice the width of the stone, it will provide a unique appearance and was amazing. Platinum is a material that also fit combined with the Marquise. But that does not mean the gold material is not suitable with this stone.

Model marquise diamond engagement rings forever will never go out of fashion. This is the type that a favorite forever. Regardless of what you want, maybe this design can be a choice that will enrich your knowledge, that the marquise diamond engagement rings have a tendency to make your partner smile

Likewise, marquise diamond engagement rings are also models that are very modern and luxurious. You do not have to worry about how your partner’s reaction. It is certain he will give an amazing reaction. Compared to the other, the design is very possible for you to make your partner feel appreciated and admired as a woman.

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