Long Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces: How to Style One?

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Are you always thought that very short type of hairstyles can’t be the solution for fat face? No, you are wrong. Actually, there are many suitable hairstyles even for people with such face. If you don’t like long hairstyles, then you can go with medium ones. However, if you don’t like medium hairstyles, then you can style the short ones. For this reason, you can choose long pixie haircuts for round faces.

long pixie haircuts for round faces

Grown Out Pixie Hairstyles

Indeed, pixie cut is known as a very short hairstyle that is usually short on both the back and the sides of the head, but longer on the top. But, what about long pixie haircuts for round faces then? Well, pixie haircuts for chubby face don’t always appear to be really short. There are some of them that have their part a bit longer as well. One example of them would be grown out Pixie Hairstyles.

In order to style this long pixie haircut for fat face, you need to use small round brush and blow dryer on your hairs in order to add more volume to the back layers as well as sleekness to the front. After you are done with that, you need to part your hairs to the side. You can use flat iron to run through your hairs if you want to after that. Then, you can finish this kind of long pixie haircuts for round faces.

Yes, by applying light shine spray to make the color and the style better, you are done in styling this kind of long pixie haircuts for round faces on your hairs. The point in this hairstyle is that the nape is kept short and tapered while being blended into long layers on the top of the head. Meanwhile, the long side bangs will do the job to highlight the front, meaning your face. It sure is one gorgeous cut.

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