Long Hairstyles for Round Fat Faces: What You Can Do to Your Hairs

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Long hairstyles for round fat faces can really be nice solution for such face shape. Of course, there are many long hairdos for round fat faces. They are different from each other. Each has its own unique look to offer to you. So, what variety can we get from this kind of hairstyles. Well, there are many things you can do to your long hairs while dealing with your chubby face. Let me share you two examples here.

long hairstyles for round fat faces

Side Swept Bangs and Half Up-Do

Whether you want to curl the ends of your hairs or you want to make them wavy, you can consider of making side swept bangs to your chosen long hairstyles for round fat faces. Bangs itself is known for being able to hide chubbiness. However, it is not enough to just make the bangs. You can’t style it however you want if you want it to be able to cover part of your fat face.

The kind of bangs you need to make is the side swept one. Remember not to make the heavy ones. Making light wispy bangs will do the job to add dimension to your face. Furthermore, side swept bangs gives more stylish look on you. It will bring the focus on the eyes as well. The other thing you can do is to choose half up-do long hairstyles for round fat faces.

It is true that half up-do long hairdos for chubby faces require you to bring some hairs back and tying them up against the head, thus revealing your cheeks even more. However, in order to solve this problem, you need to bring some strands of hair down to serve as frame to your face. This too will be able to hide facial fat and get the focus to the eyes instead of the cheek. Long hairstyles for round fat faces sure can be various, right?

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