Long Hairstyles for Round Faces: the One that Slim the Roundness

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Do you have round faces by any chance? Having such face shape sometimes makes things hard to decide what hairstyle to make on the hair. It is because some hairstyles can even make your face rounder. Such thing usually happens when you choose short hairstyles. That is why long hairstyles for round faces are recommended. At least, they are capable of making the roundness seem to be slimmer.

long hairstyles for round faces

Sassy Long Layered Haircut

Speaking about long hairstyles for round faces, there are actually many of them you can choose. It is not like you only have limited options to pick. So, if you want me to recommend you with one, I would go with Sassy Long Layered Haircut. This long haircut for round faces looks pretty charming. It is said to be somewhat sleek, but the slight layering will give the hairs more movement.

Not to mention, this hairstyle can even help making the lips and the eyes more noticeable. It is not that hard to style this kind of long hairstyles for round faces on your hairs. First, you need to dry your hairs first with towel and spray them with a thermal spray. After you are done with that and the hairs are dry, you can start to smooth and bend them by using round brush and blow dryer.

For the next step to style this long hairdo for round faces, you will need to apply workable hairspray and mist the hairs with the shine spray a bit. Next, the last thing you need to do will be curling the ends of the hairs by using a large barrel curling iron. Then, you are done with it. See yourself now! Long hairstyles for round faces sure can make you different even with the roundness of your face.

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