Long Haircuts for Round Faces with Framing Layers

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It is understandable if someone can’t stand having a round face. You can even look rounder if you style haircuts on your hairs that even make it so. That is why it is important to choose the right haircuts for round faces. You see, among all haircuts, long haircuts for round faces seem to be the best of all. There is a good variety of them to choose. If you don’t like curls, then you can just make it straight.

long haircuts for round faces

Long Framing Layered Haircut

As long as what you choose is one of long haircuts for round faces, it should have been a piece of cake to make your face look slimmer. Well, it is not like we can change the face shape we are born with after all. That is why we can choose long hairstyles for round faces instead. Even hairstyles can make some difference to your look. So, I will show you one hairstyle that is pretty much easy to style here. It is Long Framing Layered Haircut.

This kind of long haircuts for round faces is a choice for those who like straight long hair. In order to style it, first you need to apply thermal spray on your hairs. Then, use blow dryer to blow them dry. Once you are done with that, it is the time for you to smooth your hairs by using paddle brush. Remember that you have to do it while blowing drying smooth and straight on your hairs.

Next, make sure not to forget applying a light serum and flat iron too. As for the finishing touch, you can apply workable hairstyle so that this hairstyle can remain sleek and frizz free. Now then, what do you think? With long layers framing your face, the roundness of your face seems to be reduced, right? Long haircuts for round faces are indeed the best choice you can make for such thing.

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