Kay Jewelers Charm Bracelets

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kay jewelers charm braceletsYou’ve dreamed of finding quality and beautiful jewelry from Kay Jewelers, currently available Kay Jewelers Charm Bracelets with best quality, beautiful design and of course the price is very affordable. They come with a size of 6 inch and 8 inch, with different descriptions but did not make a different beauty as both charms have a charming design with a friendly price.

Charmed Memories ® 6-inch Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet is the first choice, the charm of jewelry is never dull. This bracelet of sterling silver made with a length of 6 inches and is secured with a lobster clasp; the price offered for this bracelet is $ 43.99. The chain bracelet is called a snake chain; it looks similar to a snake’s body as a thin band of metal secured tightly together. In addition there are lobster clasp, this is because it is similar to lobster claws. Gasper has a hook with a spring-powered arm that can be opened and closed. Hook attached to the ring at the end of the chain, and the arms were covered to secure the chain.

Then the second option is Charmed Memories ® 8-inch Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, made with the same material that is sterling silver with a charm that is always enhanced by high-polish. Fashion jewelry bracelet measures 8 inches long and is secured with a buckle heart, with a beautiful design and a simple bracelet is very easy to use even without the help of others and gasper heart are extremely beautiful.

A durable metal jewelry consisting of a minimum of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy, sterling silver is used as an ingredient to make this beautiful bracelet. For the size they can reach 7.5 inches for adult women, whereas for men about 8.5 inch. For a charm bracelet that will include some of the charm, it is best to allow an extra inch 1/2 for convenience.

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