How to Get Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

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One hairstyle that is often applied to medium hair is medium length hairstyles with bangs. Well, ponytail hair trends have never been timeless indeed because it did seem to always be trendy and can be one way of manipulating a broad forehead. Moreover, bangs pieces have many variations model that can be adapted to the shape of your face and hair length.

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

If you want medium length hairstyles with bangs, you can do it yourself at home. Want to experimenting changing hairstyles with bangs? Why not? This is no harm if you try to cut your own bangs at home. Surely this would be more efficient than you have to go to the salon. You can do this easily if you follow these tips.

Medium length hairstyles with Cleopatra bangs

The first is of medium length hairstyles with bangs with a flat-style Cleopatra. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have oval face. How to? First, wet hair, and then divide the hair into 3 parts with hair separating the sides, as the limit is parallel to the end of the eyebrow. Furthermore, to make the bangs, leaving approximately 5 cm or more of the hairline, adjust as needed. Clean up your incorrect beforehand with a comb and start cutting from the edge little by little. Once completed, comb bangs and repeat cutting that is not flat.

Medium length hairstyles with asymmetric bangs

The second is medium length hairstyles with bangs in asymmetric. It is suitable for you who are familiar with the side split hairs. How to?Hair sides as desired, and then separate the hair to be made bangs about 5cm from the hair line or more, according to taste. Furthermore, separate the hair side,as the boundary dividing line is parallel to the end of the eyebrow. Comb bangs in the opposite direction of the line of separation. Then cut with a horizontal direction to obtain an asymmetrical effect. Once completed, comb bangs and repeat cutting the hair that is not flat.

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