Helzberg Diamond Jewelry Stores

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helzberg diamond jewelry storesDiamond become one of the important things that you may have, there are many store that offer you the best diamond, but if you want o have the high quality of diamond you ca come to the helzberg diamond jewelry store. In the helzberg diamond jewelry store you can get the best jewelry and diamond as you want.

Helzberg diamond jewelry store operated more than 230 store nation wide. And they also provide you online stores, so you don’t need to spend a lot of your time to get the best jewelry. In the helzberg diamond jewelry store, you can get wide selection of diamonds and gemstone and most of them set in ring, and other jewelry. They also provide for the woman and man watches.

Helzberg diamond was found by moris helzberg in 1915, in the helzberg diamond jewelry sore you can get the best service and helzberg diamond offer you a 60 days return or exchange option and free jewelry repairs for 12 months after purchase. And you will get the best and fine jewelry in the store.

In the 1915 helzberg open his first store and hey continue to open more store in 1948. They make the helzberg’s house of treasures on the country club plaza in Kansas City, the store was built on three and sold fine china and sliver. In 1959, helzberg operated 15 stores in six markets.

And in 1970 helzberg was opening three new malls store per years and operating 42 stores in 16 states by the end of the decade. They always grew up, and in 1990 they have 101 store in 22 states, in 1999 helzberg grow become 200 store, and in 2010 they are become the largest companies with more than 230 store. Helzberg store is one of the best diamond store that you can get in online or their local store.

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