Expensive Engagement Rings

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Women folk are so closely related to the jewelry, when they think want to have an engagement ring is expensive and so exclusive, what you want from an expensive engagement rings? Maybe its shape, design, gem stones, diamonds, pearls, or sapphire? All will make you confused, related materials and how expensive the ring. Around the world, there are some expensive engagement rings are well known for its design, gem stone, even the other things that makes the ring so precious and expensive.

The first engagement rings expensive engagement ring is owned by Prince Charles and Lady Di’s famous price moved at 49,500 dollars. These rings are so expensive and luxurious as they are made with a decorative 18 carat blue sapphire and a sprinkling of two-carat diamond that surrounds the sparkling sapphire stone. Furthermore, the ring belongs to Courtney Love when invited by her boyfriend engaged to Kurt, a ring costing 63,600 dollars is decorated with 12 carat Burmese Ruby, but the ring was lost due to theft in 1995 precisely on the day of love, Valentine. Expensive engagement rings at a price of 93,000 dollars is a three-stone ring with emerald and diamond 64 carat Colombian zambrud gems and diamonds 2 carats.

Expensive engagement rings I’ve ever used Reese Witherspoon when she was in a relationship with Ryan Philipe. The ring is worth 520,000 dollars with 11-carat platinum materials designed by Asscher Cut. If you are thinking of having Expensive design engagement rings oval diamond Tiffany premises, then you can choose one as his work has 2 versions. The one worth 800 dollars with 12-carat diamond, but if you want a more expensive then choose a ring with 15 carat diamond with a fantastic price 1.46 million dollars. And the most expensive ring, we give to the design of De Beers made from platinum, has perfect color and it is an engagement ring that is taken into account because it has a price of 1.83 million dollars. Perhaps some examples of expensive rings that exist in this article can make an inspiration for you to have the expensive engagement rings.

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