Edwardian Engagement Rings

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The Edwardian period happened in very short period from 1901 to 1910. This amazing era is also known as Gilded Age. Period that were famous due to the time of most beautiful jewelry creating period in the history of humankind. In this period, some unique and innovative work emerged for the first place. It is said that the Edwardian engagement rings are the perfect choices for them who love feminine and delicate lace.

The culture of presenting a ring as a sign of betrothal originally came in time of Roman and kept gaining its popularity through the 15th century. However, it is in Edwardian time, platinum took its place as precious metal and influenced jewelry industry. It was not long for Edwardian engagement rings to gain its reputation as an esteemed token of love.

There are quite difference in style that make Edwardian engagement rings are unique than any other antique rings. It is not only the exclusivity of platinum as the base material for the setting, but also the romantic figures and details such as hearts, vines, birds, flowers, and bows. The beauty of Edwardian engagement rings is so amuse that it considers as diminutive work of art.

The number of diamonds which are used in Edwardian Engagement rings have significant amount. So, it owns high carat weight. The result, the cost of genuine Edwardian engagement rings is highly cost.

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