Diamond Clarity Chart Scale

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Diamond Clarity Chart ScaleDiamond becomes one of the pricey things that most of people want to have, because they come with the beautiful and unique design. When buying for the diamond, you have to see some of the important thing such as clarity, cut, color, and carat. One of the important things that you have to consider is diamond clarity.

Diamond clarity is very important in buying the diamond, you can see the value of diamond from diamond clarity chart scale. In the diamond clarity chart scale, you can make the difference value from one diamond to the other diamond. The diamond clarity of diamond relates to exactly how clear a diamonds is.

You can see the quality of diamond from diamond clarity chart scale, because they will make the difference of diamond, and the diamond clarity chart scale will give the excellent guide to the quality of diamond itself. The different types of diamond grades reflecting clarity are detailed on the diamond clarity chart.

You can’t see the majority of inclusion by the naked eye, so you need to see the diamond clarity chart scale, because from there you can exactly know the quality of diamond. And the diamond clarity chart scale ranging from the high quality, rare, expensive flawless to imperfect, and the cheap diamond.

Here, you can see the diamond clarity chart scale they come from F (flawless), IF (internally flawless), VVS1 (very, very slight inclusion level 1), VVS2 (very, very slight inclusion level 2), VS (very slight), VS1 (very slight inclusion level 1), VS2 (very slight inclusion level 2), SI (slight inclusion), SI1 ( slight inclusion level 1), SI2 (slight inclusion level 2), LI (large inclusion), LI1 (large inclusion level 1), LI2, large inclusion level 2), LI3 (large inclusion level 3).

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