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diamond chartWhen you want to buy diamond you have to know which the best diamond are for you, because there are many diamond that available in the market, and you have to know the great one. Diamond is one of the pricey things, and there are some things that you have to consider when buying diamonds.

In the diamonds, you will know about diamond chart. Diamond chart is very important to you to know that the diamond have high quality or not, there are some diamond chart that you have to consider such as diamond color chart, diamond clarity chart, diamond carat weight chart, and diamond cut. Four of them are the main things for you to consider.

In the diamond color chat, you will find some of color grading scale, and most of color grading scale comes from GIA. In the diamond color chart, you will be difficult to see the differences between one color grades to the next, so by using grading color, you can know more about color grading scale. Most of grading scale is like this D E F (colorless), G H I J ( nearly colorless ), K L M (faint yellow), N O P Q R (very light yellow), and S T U V W X Y Z (light yellow to strong yellow).

In the diamond chart, you also see diamond clarity chart. In the diamond clarity chart, you can see the clean of diamond, the clarity of diamond refers to how clean or clear a diamond is Internally, because the cleaner diamond is the higher price, in the clarity chart you will see the clean of diamond from FI IF VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3.

In the diamond carat weight chart, you will see the carat of diamond, and most of diamond has three dimensional meaning length, width, and depth. With the diamond carat weight, you can see the percentage of carat weight. And the last is cut of diamond, in the cut of diamond you will see there are many kinds of diamond cut such as emerald, heart, brilliance, and many more. The shape of diamond cut influent the diamond price.

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