DeBeers Engagement Rings

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DeBeers engagement rings are the reflection of famous and successful marketing motto of The DeBeers “Diamond is forever”. With brilliant approaches to the customer, they make believe millions of happy couples that eternal and pure love and diamond go hand in hand. The trend of engagement rings keep raising all these years thanks to motion picture and celebrities that convey diamond engagement rings as perfect expression of love, lust, and romantic partnership. There is an unwritten rule that man have to spend his money equal to his 2-3 month salary for engagement rings.

DeBeers was established at the end of 19th century. The founder is Cecil Rhodes. Meanwhile the DeBeers name is originally coming from the family name of the farmer who owned the land. Through the years of gaining their reputation, they also faced some wrong accuses, for example; accused of business monopoly over diamonds business and inflating diamond’s prices.

DeBeers engagement rings are produced with supervision of highly experience designers. To maintain the exclusivity, customers can only purchase DeBeers engagement rings at their luxury stores. In the U.S. DeBeers engagement rings can only be found in two stores, one in Fifth Avenue of New York City and another store is on Rodeo Drive in California. Meanwhile for worldwide stores, there are numerous of others stores which are located in London, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Dubai, and Paris. To find out the prices of each DeBeers engagement rings, you need to go directly to their stores since they do not list the price of their collection in their website.

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