Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Cushion cut diamond engagement ring engagement rings are very popular in the late 1800s to early 1900s. This is a design that resembles stone diamond ring that dipoting fat or pillow-like sleep. The form can be square, round, and oval. Maybe this could be your inspiration in designing the engagement ring.

The design of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings in the past can dijadiakn candle lighting. Because at that time, electricity has not been so widespread, but with the luminosity of the brightest of the diamond, the diamond ring at that time could be used as a candle. Diamonds are so beautiful in that day, because this very day the beauty of diamonds remains a matchless beauty.

In the present, the cushion cut diamond engagement rings are designed more symmetrical. Compared to the old days, such a design is very irregular, or more precisely symmetrical, because technology is always lower than that applied modern technology as it is now.

Model cushion cut diamond engagement rings is working very well for couples who adore the traditional values and ethnic diversity. This design is known to be very subtle and classic. This is a concrete value as a partner who crave a smooth design and character such as cushion-cut diamond engagement rings.

Characteristics of the cushion cut diamond rings, have more attraction for a woman. Because any woman really liked the variety of rings with diamonds, exotic and modern. This is the most powerful way to express your feelings to your partner. And then you will take her a romantic dinner after going through hard times before.

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