Cool Buns Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

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The buns hairstyles for long hair men are not new phenomenon nowadays. Whatever your hair type, the buns with ponytail will look more stunning and keep you on charming. Even though the buns are not the one choice for long hair, it will preciously to get stylish and hip. The messy and fine hairs are also cool to wear the buns for your long hair whatever the height of your buns.As the proof there are some Hollywood actors that wear the buns for their long hair and those look genuine cool. Here some collection of cool buns for long hair men which you cannot refuse.

Hairstyles For Long Hair Men

Buns for fine hair

Not curl but also not straight hair that you have can be style for buns. The half buns hairstyles for long hair men will look cooler as David Beckham ever wears. Use ponytail to tie your hair in half buns and left the rest of your hair streaming on your shoulder. You need to neat the hairs to enhance the cool impression with adding pomade or gel. Furthermore for outdoor activities you can use hairspray to keep your hair as sleek as you wish.

Buns for Messy to curl hair

You may think that the messy to curly hair is impossible to hairstyling. It is totally wrong, however the hair type as you have is also possible to get half buns than let them rugged. The hairstyles for long hair men will appropriate for messy hair even curly with half up buns to look cooler and charming. You should smart to wear the outfit for your bun messy hair with impeccably clothes. It will enhance your personality.

Buns for straight hair

Do not ever think that your straight hair is worse to get the buns style. You may let your straight hair to longer which is your favorite hairstyle. The half buns up of hairstyles for long hair men will increased your appearance further more you have straight hair type. Let your rest of the hairs to down on your shoulder to make you cooler.

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