Build Your Own Engagement Ring

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You have decided it is the time to get engaged and begin to think where to find the right RING. If you begin the journey of finding the right ring from scratch, then I recommend that you visit several jewelry websites. These jewelry artisans offer service to build your own engagement ring. Therefore you will have special and unique engagement ring.

These are some options of build your own engagement ring;

• Solitaire Rings
This common yet elegant ring’s style is always appreciated. Solitaire rings are simple but also stylish. The diamond will be the center of attention in this kind of ring.
• Tension Rings
This kind of ring is almost the same version of solitaire rings, yet it is more spectacular. There is only one diamond in this ring but it is not full. The diamond fills a space in the ring. This will make the diamond more visible even you wear it on the finger.
• Side Stones Rings
You can use three or five stone rings on side stones. These stones are mounted like the center diamond on the ring or in the channel setting.
• Pave Rings
The rings are closed with small diamonds which are mounted very close together. It will make the ring is made from diamonds, and make it very elegant and stylish.

So once you decide to build your own engagement ring, you can do some research in the internet. There are plenty of jewelers with service to make your unique engagement rings.

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