Bob and Pixie: Short Modern Hairstyles for Older Woman

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To be modern and beautiful is right for older women. They can cherish their youth by staying beautiful in their golden ages. To support their look, some short modern hairstyles for older woman are presented. So, they can choose and decide which older woman’s short modern hairstyles is the most suitable for their look. And finally they can stay beautiful in their age.

Short Modern Hairstyles For Older Woman

Bob for Older Women

Stacked bob is one of short modern hairstyles for older woman that is often recommended when older woman comes to saloon and asks the opinion of the hairstylist. The stacked layers which are short will softly blend into the front strands. You will need styling foam for your damp strand. Comb it through after it is completely applied. Then, use a round brush with medium size to blow your front strands dry. Try to make them free from frizz and smooth before you polish off your hair strands with flat iron. Finally, use your fingers to rough your hair up. Make sure that the layers of this older woman’s short modern hairstyle are shown as you spray your hair with texture spray.

Bob can bring and create sweet and cute look with the layers. Your face will also be framed perfectly by the bangs and side part. As the starting point of this one ofshort modern hairstyles for older woman, make sure your hair is damp before you use styling foam. Comb your hair through and part your hair to the side. Use a small round brush to blow your hair dry. You can get more body and volume with a smaller brush. Finish it by removing all the moisture from your hair. You can also polish your older woman’s short modern hairstyle with flat iron, if you wish.

The Other Option: Pixie

Besides bob, pixie is also recommended short modern hairstyles for older woman for your hair. Isabella Rossellini applies this older woman’s short modern hairstyles too. Your face will be spotlighted by this hairstyle. You will have a little longer portion around the ears while the other portions on the neckline and forehead will be wispy. To give texture and movement for the ends, you can use a razor. Waxes and pomades will help you style this way.

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