Best African American Natural Curly Hairstyles

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Most of actresses who have natural curly hair show how they deserve to get stylish look. In this year African American natural curly hairstyles will be your inspiration on your curls hair type to look chic. The natural hair cannot be rejected by several hairstyles if you tire of the monotone style. However, you should ask your hairstylist which one will best suit into you. The natural curly hair of African American is especially thick and dark which is suitable for short haircut.
African American Natural Curly Hairstyles
The short haircut for natural curly hair will leave stylish and younger sense for you. The stylist will work on your curly hair as good as you wish. The short hairstyle cannot lose your personality as the African American women instead of you can look more fashionable wear this hairstyle. Even though the short is not the only one African American natural curly hairstyles option, but it is worth to try on your hair.

The perfect look may you get whatever your face shape is as long as you can handle your curly hair. The short of African American natural curly hairstyles with round face can perfectly look adding volume on top then thin tresses on the sides. Or you may wear the tapered on your sides and let longer on your top is also fine. Try to style your curly hair follow the short model that women must love.

Faux-hawk style with tapered on the sides

As we know African American women complexion is in dark tone. It will suitable for auburn hair complete with the tapered on the sides and little Mohawk. The tapered on the sides looks sporty of your curly hair with longer on top as crowns. The dark hair tone can also mix with other highlight color if you want. The faux-hawk of African American natural curly hairstyles is good combination with the hair tone, the complexion and chic short haircut.

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