Beautiful Short Emo Haircuts for Round Faces

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Emo is one of the fashion styles adapted from American style. One of the Emo styles can be seen from hairstyle. Nowadays, there are many people who apply this kind of hairstyle, especially women. Most of women who apply Emo hair are teens. It is very appropriate for women who have round faces. With short hair, Emo hair will make you look very chick. So, in this article, I will share some ideas of short Emo haircuts for round faces.

Short Emo Haircuts For Round Faces

Stacked Bob Platinum Blonde

If you are a mature woman and you are interested to apply short Emo haircut, you can apply platinum blonde with stacked bob. With platinum blonde color, your round face will look very beautiful. That is why it can be considered as one of the greatest ideas of short Emo hairstyles for round faces. To apply this, you need to create an asymmetrical haircut. The bangs are downward and look like some angles. The, tease your layers on the top and it will be one of the short Emo haircuts for round facesthat you need to try.

Auburn Emo Haircut

If you like black hair, you can also apply Emo hairstyle with black hair color. It will be great for you to apply auburn Emo. You need to cut your bangs with wispy curve. The ideal hair length is on your shoulder length or shorter. Anyway, Auburn Emo can be one of the most recommended short Emo haircuts for round faces.

Blonde Highlights Emo

Another best option of short Emo hairs for round faces is blonde highlight Emo. It offers a cute texture. With some layers which taper down, you will look very chick. The highlighted hair will add the attractiveness. Those are short Emo haircuts for round faces that you can apply. Choose one of them and you will look much more beautiful.

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