Be Stunning with Natural Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Having short hair with natural twist does not mean having a dull hairstyle. Various hairstyles can be applied for twisted short hair. You can protect your delicate hair structure with protective updos. Puffs are also supportive for your twist and it is totally eye catching. Besides, Mohawks and fauxhawk are also awesome for your twisted hair. There are many possibilities, right? So, be brave to improve your twisted hair with natural twist hairstyles for short hair.

Natural Twist Hairstyles For Short Hair

Updos for Twisted Hair

Updos for twisted short hair is no longer impossible. Many updos hairstyles for natural short twisted hair can be applied, for instance Flat Twisted Updo and Curly for Updo. Those hairstyles are awesome, cute, and pretty simple. To create these natural twist hairstyles for short hair, you will need some supportive products such as Enhancing Smoothie from Shea, Soft bristle brush, eco-style gel, pins, and hair claws for Flat Twisted Updo. If you want Curly from Updo, you will need perm rods, gels, oil, setting lotion and bobby pins. Both of these hairstyles are suitable for any occasion.

Mohawk for Twisted Hair

Mohawk is also a stunning style of natural twist hairstyles for short hair. Apply this style for your upper hair and make your sides faded. Then, you can give some colors such as silvery hue for instant coolness and warm complexion. You should not be afraid of having aging look. Greyish and silvery hue will be combined with blue touch on the Mohawk. So, it is a perfect a perfect hairstyle for short hair with natural twists.


Natural twist hairstyle for short hair is also suitable for formal events. Take a look at Naturalista. It is pretty simple and this hairstyle for short hair with natural twist will enhance your look in formal events. The first step to do is make a braid of your hair from one ear to the other. Make sure that the ends are pinned down. You will need kinky extension hair to be roped then pinned into place. Then, finish it with firm holding sheen. If you have oval face and natural curls, this style is suitable for you.

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