Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

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If you wanted to have unique cut in your engagement ring, you can check for asscher cut engagement rings. Asscher cut is a square cut having the corners cut. Although the cut is a square cut, it resembles octagon since it has wide step features. The diamond also has numerous parallel cuts which make it as a hall of mirrors. Asscher cut engagement rings are also known as the square emerald cut engagement rings.

One of the famous asscher cut diamond is Cullinan Diamond. This diamond is highly valued since it has elegance style and design, therefore the English Royal Family used it as the part of Crown Jewels during the past century.

The points of asscher cut engagement rings are to attract the surrounding attention to the heart of the rings. Everyone who look at the rings can’t take their eyes from the stone because its color and clearness of the diamond. Therefore, you need to give more attention on the carats, color, and the quality of the diamonds, since these elements are vital in asscher cut engagement rings.

The parallel lines which are existence in asscher cut give extra appeal and look to the diamonds, which is in the end make it looks more distinctive than any other cuts. The diamond will resemble a building with countless mirrors that reflect several angles. However, don’t get it wrong, any type of cuts such as asscher cut doesn’t connect virtually to the cut quality which is shown in the diamond certificate.

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