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The fad of favor Angels has rapidly hit the industry for creating and manufacturing top quality tween girl’s items. Established in 1996 by siblings Goldi Burns and Myra Mouloudii, Fashion Angels Businesses, (then referred to as Bead Shop) grew to become popular for selling loose beads and strings in a single simple box to ensure that clients might make their very own bracelets or bracelets leisurely within the comfort that belongs to them houses. These boxes of beads offered in considerable amounts, and grew to become well-liked by lots of people.


This brought towards the birth from the Bead Shop, which broadened towards the massive Fashion Angel empire. The very first discharge of Fashion Angels would be a package of card board dolls that arrived with fabric, clothing, accessory designs, gems, buttons along with other trimmings that have been accustomed to dress the dolls. The package was known as -Design a Heavenly Wardrobe’ and rapidly grew to become hugely well-liked by tweens along with other large companies. In The Year 2006, FAO Schwarz requested The Bead Shop to set up a existence-size Fashion Angels boutique in the Fifth Avenue store, which brought towards the title change to Fashion Angels Businesses.

With the prosperity of the card board dolls, the proprietors started making other kits and activity books that educated tweens about proper fashion terminology, and comprised of sketch sheets, pens, design guides along with other add-ons helpful for women who have been interested popular design. The Style Angels brand is ever growing, and also, since 2008 it held the licence to create toys for Project Runway. This Year, Fashion Angels joined with Mattel and therefore are now certification three qualities – Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels and Monster High.

The Style Angels line now includes the next items:

– Sketch investment portfolios with assorted styles for example Harajuku Style Fashion, New You are able to City Fashion, Pet Lover Fashion, Rockstar, Glamour and Glamour Fashion, Wedding, Fashion Design, Constitute and Hair, Interior Planning, Rockband and Tattoo Artist.

– Stationary for example Fashion print journals, coordinators, journals, peel off stickers, ring binders and lap desks.

– Activity kits for example small magnetic liven up dolls, badge maker and sticker maker refills, tattoo kits, fashion design paper toy sets and patch kits.

– Super sets including Sticker and Badge Factory, Fashion Design Silk Screen and Jewelry Design.

– Heavenly Armoires with Rockstar, Pet, Fashion and Equestrian styles.

– Artist purses, projectors and lightweight boxes, small sketch books and so forth.

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