3 Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

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Are you a girl who has round face and you tire with the monotone hairstyles? You may follow our samples of medium length hairstyles with bangs for round faces that should you try for your born-hair. Do not ever regret that your round face is not interesting than the oval one. You are also best to styles your hair with your round face to have new impression and may get elongate face if you want. You can manipulate with bangs which will make your face new look. See our hairstyles collection that best for you.

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces

3 most gorgeous hairstyles for round faces

First medium length hairstyles with bangs for round faces is the messy updo complete with lifted bangs. The medium length will look good whatever you will downdos or updos. The best thing that you should consider is you need to enhance the volume on the top. The more volume on the top of your head will look nice for round face complete with lifted bangs that can be diagonally on your forehead. Do not worry with this hairstyle; you may look elongate face now.

The second is the loose updo of medium length hairstyles with bangs for round faces. You can updo your medium hair with leaving the streaks along the cheeks. The longer hair you should style for leaving on your cheeks. Visually, the rest of your hair will be possible to style in any model whether you need to updos or downdos. You should try this style to look more modern as Kate Bosworth is.

The last but not least most gorgeous medium length hairstyles with bangs for round faces is low knotting and side parting bangs. Low knot is also possible to style on your medium hair even your round face. It is like Selena Gomes that wear this style. She looks pretty with sleek side parting bangs. It is precious for round face that you need to wear the side parting bangs which will look elongate.

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